Apex Superior Parts

We aim to constantly innovate and disrupt in our pursuit of new and better ways to service and interact with our customers. The benefit of this approach enables us to provide a customer experience which is both unique and outstanding. Our motto is “Where Excellence is the only option” and we strive to live by this in all aspects of our business.
Suspension Apex Superior


Our suspension components are sourced from the very best suspension factories, and are of the highest quality.
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Bearings Apex Superior


Our bearing kits and loose bearings are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components which makes them durable and reliable.
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Mountings Apex Superior


Our top quality mountings are durable and resistant to the abrasion and temperature variations synonymous with our roads.
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Our Value Proposition

Our favourite thing to do is keep our customers happy! What separates us from our competition is our ethos of always putting our customers first, no matter what. We have a highly skilled management team with the ability to be agile and make fast decisions, allowing us to be both flexible and adaptable to our customer needs.

Company Mission

Our mission is to become master innovators and disruptors in the aftermarket parts industry. We strive to make a positive impact to the industry and our community through honest and ethical practices. Customers and service excellence are our number one priority, job creation becomes an absolute reality and Apex and all of its stakeholders benefit.

Our value add includes:

  • An exceptional, experienced and passionate work force
  • Our ability to innovate and disrupt the status quo
  • A proactive approach to customers and their ordering processes
  • Full visibility in orders from placement to delivery
  • Being open on Saturdays from 9 – 12 for order placement and collections

Apex Superior, suppliers of superior quality aftermarket parts.

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